Pixel Art Necklace Instructions | The Making Rooms

Pixel Art Necklace Instructions

First of all make sure that your kit contains the following items:


You will also need a rubber mallet or something heavy strong (but slightly flexible) and blunt to hit the wooden pegs into the necklace. WARNING: Do not use a hammer, as it will break the plastic.

Video tutorial:


  • Peel off any backing from the plastic pieces.
  • Place your Wooden Back flat on the table.
  • Place your Coloured Middle on top, with the little slot over the top cutout of the back.
  • Pick what colours you want to use and build your pattern by placing the squares inside┬ácentral square hole of your coloured middle piece.
  • Place your clear top over your work so far, with the cutout over the little slot (just like you did before with the wood and middle sections).
  • Gently push your pegs through from the clear side, small end facing downwards. Then carefully hammer them until it’s tight.
  • Loop your suede cord through the little slot and tie it in a knot.
  • Now for the main loop of the necklace. Measure out some yarn to the length you like and cut it.
  • Feed the yarn through your suede loop, then tie the yarn around your neck.

Your finished Pixel Art Necklace should look something like this, go wow your friends with your beautiful creation!