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Free Public Access

Every Friday and Saturday The Making Rooms Fab Lab runs free, open access days for anyone* to come along and design and make their own stuff.

Fab Lab open day - for web

Open days are free**, all you need to do is attend an induction of around 20 minutes and then sign up as a registered user and then you can use the Fab Lab equipment free of charge on any Fridays or Saturday (subject to availability). These sessions are for open innovation and personal fabrication so all we ask in return for free use of the facility is that you document your projects for sharing with other Fab Lab users around the world.

The Making Rooms Fab Lab open access hours are 9am – 5pm Fri/Sat. All machines get switched off at 4:45pm with the exception of the potter’s wheel, which gets switched off at 3pm.

*Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult on open access days. 14 & 15 year-olds must provide a parent’s contact telephone number whilst at The Making Rooms.


**There are charges for materials, and we carry a range of standard materials in stock. Used material cut-offs are free.  Alternatively you can bring your own, as long as they are compatible with our machines (details can be found on the Equipment pages).