Hack//Burn | The Making Rooms


Hack//Burn is a community group where people with an interest in making and mending can meet, socialize and collaborate.  We run an evening session at the Making Rooms every alternate Wednesday evening, from 1700 – 2000.


Members will be able to use a pool of tools provided by The Making Rooms, and draw on the expertise of fellow hackers and makers.

Some of the skills and interests our members bring to Hack//Burn include electronics, 3D printing, coding, CNC woodworking, and bicycle repair and sewing.

We provide an open environment where anyone who is eager to try out new skills can access new digital design and fabrication tools and collaborate with like-minded people.  We can introduce you to all of the equipment, so don’t worry if you have no prior experience, it’s all about giving it a go!

For updates and further information check out our Facebook page @hackburn.hackspace