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TOTE-ally awesome wearable electronic bag

11 (600x800) 22 (600x800)

Learn the basics of electronics and sewing at the same time, by making your very own wearable-electronics Jodrell Bank Observatory themed tote bag.

33 (800x600)

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried either of these useful skills before, it’s super easy and we’ll show you how. These stylish bags have the circuit template already printed on them in the shape of the Lovell Telescope, so you can’t go wrong!

44 (800x600)

In this workshop you will connect together a battery, a switch and an LED light with conductive thread to make your very first wearable electronics circuit.

55 (800x600)

The fun tote bag is yours to keep, use it around town and teach everyone how easy and enjoyable electronics and sewing can be!

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Suitable for children aged 8+.

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at The Making Rooms.