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The Making Rooms utilises a range of different software packages that are often open source or freely available so that Fab Lab users can download, learn, and use the software without having to pay what can be extremely expensive license costs.

Inkscape Screenshot

Links to these software packages are provided in the pages below. Please note that the use of these packages is still under license, even if it is free, so please ensure you read and agree to the licenses before using.

There are many more free to use 2D and 3D design software packages available therefore it is down to personal preference as to which package you use but we can recommend the following as at least a starting point.


2D Design



Inkscape is a 2D vector drawing package that is relatively easy to use and is particularly strong for free-flow design. However, although usable it does have limitations when it comes to detailed engineering drawing.

If downloading Inkscape be sure to download the previous release version 0.48.5, rather than the latest version 0.91 as the latest version struggles outputting 0.01mm lines to pdf which are required for laser cutting. Having said that our technician prefers the newer version 0.91 and uses a line width of 0.03mm in her drawings.

Click here to download


Adobe Illustrator – CS2

Adobe Illustrator is an industry standard 2D vector drawing package more powerful than Inkscape and with good picture editing capabilities. You must sign up for a free Adobe ID to download this software but this will give you access to a wide range of other Adobe products including Photoshop, InDesign and InCopy. Please note these versions are around 7 years old and unsupported by Adobe – that is why they are free!!


Adobe Photoshop – CS2

A powerful photo and picture editing programme.

Click here to visit the Adobe website and Sign Up


3D Design


SketchUp Make

Previously known as Google SketchUp this is an excellent entry level free 3D modelling package with unparalleled video tutorials which can transform even the complete beginner into a competent user in a very short time.

This is used to create 3D models for 3D printing or 3D milling.

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This program lets you 3D model in the usual way but also allows for coding input form the user. Particularly good for those of you interested in making printed circuit boards and electronics.

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