Covid | The Making Rooms


The Making Rooms is committed to re-opening in a way that is safe for our staff, tenants, users and the wider community of Blackburn. We have changed the way we work, the layout of our spaces and implemented procedures to help avoid spreading Covid-19 on site.

Visiting us is now by appointment only, please read below before visiting.

These procedures will be updated regularly based on current guidance. Please check for updates. Last updated 11/9/2020

Visiting Us

To keep our staff safe, we are encouraging them to work from home whenever possible. As such, meetings and training that can be delivered remotely will be done over video calls. Anyone wanting to book time on a machine, book training or arrange a viewing will have to do so at least 2 days beforehand. We encourage any activity that does not need to be on-site or in-person to be done remotely.


Our main doors will be kept closed until we can implement a video greeting system letting ‘walk-ins’ know our policies. Anyone with a booked appointment is asked to ring the bell and step back from the door, or ideally just call the person who accepted your booking.

Signing in

Our signing-in forms have been changed from physical sheets to a digital form. This is so we can continue to conform to fire safety regulations while removing a potential source of transmission.

The main lab area

We have removed a number of tables and desks to make more room for social distancing and passing points in the lab and workshop areas.


All visitors, staff and tenants are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth in communal areas, unless a prior medical exemption has been acknowledged.

Hand washing & sanitising

Everyone who will be on-site is encouraged to wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds. Hand towels have been replaced with disposable paper towels in all kitchens and toilets.

Please also use the hand sanitiser stations located at each entrance when entering the building.

Social distancing

People must maintain a 2 metre distance from each other whenever possible. More confined areas and rooms have been labelled with maximum occupancy posters, please do not loiter in these areas so everyone can use the facilities.


When using the stairs, please call out so you can pass each other safely on the three landings.

Surfaces & objects

Disinfectant sprays have been placed in all kitchens and toilets, we would politely ask if everyone can wipe down any surfaces & objects they touch after use.

Events & workshops

Public workshops have been suspended until further notice. Our Tech Blackburn and Creative Accelerator Blackburn programmes will continue with as much remote and small group work as possible.

Fab Lab Blackburn

We are accessing the safety issues around our free public access days and hope they can return in a limited way shortly.

Refusal & removal

Staff may refuse entry or eject anyone they believe is not following the above procedures.



For more information or clarification on any of the above, please contact our Lab Manager at
Please Click here for our full risk assessment.
Stay safe x