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The Making Rooms offers a wide range of commercial services, from machine hire and operation to design and product development. We are open Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm for commercial work, feel free to pop in or contact us for a quote.

3D Printing

Our 3D printing capabilities offers something for everyone, whether you are wanting some low cost initial prototypes, or fully functional parts.

Stratasys Fortus 450mc

IMG_20170125_141609 (600x800) This is an industrial production 3D printer, it can print very quickly and has a huge build size of 450 x 450 x 306mm. The print quality and grade of material is high enough for functional parts, including Formula-1 car and aerospace parts.
 Material Price per cm³*
 Nylon 12  £1.12
 PC10  £1.12
ASANatural £1.00
ABS M30 £1.00
Ultem 1010 CG £1.80

*Prices are reduced for greater volumes. Jobs under £50 incur a £10 setup fee.

Form Labs 2

Making Rooms product photos for website LR-4267 The Form Labs 2 is a Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer, it cures liquid resin layer by layer using a laser, giving prints an amazing surface finish.  Click here for further details of this printer.
Material Price per cm³**
White £0.64
Cast £1.24
Black £0.64
Flexible £0.88
Tough £0.84

**Prices are reduced for greater volumes. £25 setup fee.

Ultimaker 2+

Making Rooms product photos for website LR-4163 We have 2 Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers, the go to standard for low cost FDM 3D printing. The quality of the prints is lower, but it is great for concept stage prototyping. Click here for further details of this printer.
Material Price per cm³***
PLA £0.12

***Prices are reduced for greater volumes. Jobs under £50 incur a £10 setup fee.


Design & Prototyping

The Making Rooms’ team has decades of experience in design, manufacturing and product development. We specialise in prototyping and short-run manufacturing.

Starting with anything from conceptual ideas through to developed CAD models The Making Rooms can help design, model and fabricate fully functioning prototypes in a variety of materials and processes.

Our standard rate for design work is £75 per hour. Please contact us for a free quotation. The design services available include:

  • 2D design
  • 3D modelling
  • Electronics design, development & fabrication
  • Software development
  • Product ideation, design & development


Machine hire

The Making Rooms has a range of machines for hire by the hour from traditional craft to high tech advanced manufacturing.

making-rooms-4304Making Rooms product photos for website LR-4085Making Rooms product photos for website LR-4241IMG_20170125_145455 (800x600)

Machine Price per hour
Laser cutter £25
Large laser cutter £30
Vinyl cutter £20
 CNC Router £25
 CNC Miller £30 *Including tooling

Please note that you will need to ensure that you are already able to operate the machine, otherwise you can get us to operate the machine for you or attend training for the relevant machine.

Machine areas must be left clean and tidy so please factor this in when you are working out timings.

3D Printing is charge by the amount of material used, please see above for our 3D printing pricing guide . We have many more machines and equipment that is available for commercial use on request.


All prices are subject to change.