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3D Printing Prices

Stratasys Fortus 450mc

IMG_20170125_141609 (600x800) This is an industrial production 3D printer, it can print very quickly and has a huge build size of 450 x 450 x 306mm. The print quality and grade of material is high enough for functional parts, including Formula-1 and aerospace parts.
 Material Price per cm³*
 Nylon 12  £1.20
 PC10  £1.20
ASANatural £1.09
ABS M30 £1.09
Ultem 1010 CG £1.91

*Prices are reduced for greater volumes. Jobs also incur a fixed fee ranging from £27 to £32, depending on material.

Form Labs 2

Making Rooms product photos for website LR-4267 The Form Labs 2 is a Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer with a wide range of materials. As parts are laser cured it can produce 3D prints with intricate detail and an amazing surface finish.  Click here for further details of this printer.
Material Price per cm³**
White – Black – Grey – Clear – Dental Model £0.71
Tough – Grey Pro – Durable £0.87
Flexible £0.93
High Temp – Rigid – Elastic – Dental £0.98
Castable £1.25
Dental SG £1.35
Dental LT Clear £1.78

**Prices are reduced for greater volumes. All jobs incur a minimum £25 setup fee. Some jobs may also incur a post-processing fee.

Please email us at info@makingrooms.org for a quote.


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